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The Hague swimming pools will open again for swimming clubs from 19 May 2021. This means that we will resume the existing training schedule (see training courses> training schedule). Our trainers set to work with a training build-up plan, since most of us have not swum for a number of months. However, the All-You-Can-Swim principle will (temporarily) expire, everyone can register via SPOND for a maximum of 1 training per week. Only when there is still room for a training on the day itself can you register yourself for a 2nd / 3rd time via SPOND.

Detailed rules regarding the corona measures in the swimming pools can be found in our PLONS corona protocol on this website under the heading "training".

Also keep in mind that our annual group change from Friday (which normally starts in January) is now starting. So the 1st group are the trim swimmers and the 2nd group are the competitive swimmers.
Prospective members and trial swimmer are very welcome at the training sessions on Friday or Sunday (not on Tuesday).

Furthermore, we will "fill" the agenda on the website again, so that you can synchronize it with your own agenda.

Open water swimming will also start again within PLONS on Thursday evening! The water is still fresh, maybe the shore too, but let's start! Whether you take a dip, swim a short distance or a greater distance…. it does not matter. There is a separate group for open water swimming in the SPOND app. Swimming buoy and brightly colored cap compulsory and you can only participate if you have registered yourself in advance by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We hope to see you all again soon in swimming trunks / bathing suits!

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