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The swimming pools in The Hague will be open again from January 15, so the PLONS swimming training has started again. However, with a number of measures: QR check at the door (with proof of identity), mouth cap in the pool and keep 1,5 meters away (except in the water). We have set the training sessions in the Overbosch and the Blinkerd swimming pools at a maximum of 30 swimmers per training due to the 1,5 m distance rule. You still need to sign up for a training via SPOND, if there is a waiting list it will automatically move as soon as swimmers unsubscribe from the training. Test swimmers are welcome on all evenings!

PLONS has an extra training evening, on Wednesday evenings from 20:00-21:00 in the swimming pool de Blinkerd. From now on 4 swimming evenings a week! That is why the 'old' split of Tuesday evening has been cancelled, on Tuesday we will swim again in 1 group from 20:00-21:00 with an extra half hour for who wants to swim more.

However, a different focus is placed on the Tuesday/Wednesday training sessions!

  • Tuesday will be a technique training
  • Wednesday will be a condition training (so keep swimming)
  • Friday and Sunday remain the same in terms of setup