Competition schedule announced

The Plons Swimming Competition is a sports event for everybody, regardless if you are experienced in competing or not. That’s why we offer a very diverse and accessible program. For instance: 50 metre sprints in all strokes, but also 200 metre distances and of course some relays. We conclude with a special Fun Relay, instructions for this part to be followed…! 

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Plons is the oldest LGBTQI+ Swimming Club in The Netherland. In 2022 we celebrate our 30th Anniversary. Come and celebrate with us, by joining the Swimming Competition, followed by a great Beach Party!


The competition takes place in our beautiful 50-metre Hofbad. It will be a festive and accessible competition – even for people who swim few competitions or participate for the first time. Of course, it will be an official KNZB-sanctioned race, so you can officially improve your personal records here too!

At Plons, we believe a sporting competition should also be a lot of fun. Good music, surprise performances, catching up with swimmers from other clubs, you can expect all this.


Location swimming competition

The address of the swimming pool is Ypenburgse Boslaan 30 in The Hague. This modern 50-metre swimming pool is just a 10-minute walk from The Hague Ypenburg Railway Station and close to the A12 and A4 motorways. There is ample and free parking.







1:00 pm


Swimming in / warming up

1:30 pm


Opening and system test

1:45 pm


Start competition



100m breaststroke



50m butterfly



200m freestyle



100m backstroke



50m freestyle



200m medley



4 x 50m breaststroke (team event)



Break (15 min)



200m breaststroke



50m backstroke



100m butterfly



50m breaststroke



100m freestyle



200m backstroke



4 x 50 freestyle (team event)



Short break (5 min)



Fun Relay

6:20 pm


End of competition.
We encourage biking together and car sharing to the party venue.


7:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Arrival at Beach Restaurant Buiten, Strandweg 67, Den Haag.

8:00 pm



9:00 pm - ???




Buffet & party

Beach Restaurant Buiten in Scheveningen is the place to celebrate our anniversary in The Hague style. Of course, you are also most welcome to join even if you have not participated in the competition.

There is delicious (mostly organic) food with of course many options for dietary requirements. After refreshing ice cream, the party begins, including a DJ who creates the right atmosphere. Just like the competition, the party has something for everyone: dancing to good music and chatting with the sand between your toes, watching the sunset. 


Fees and registration

Registration is expected to start in January. Then you will also find the fees for both competition and party here. It is also possible to participate in only one of the two activities. Once online registration is open, the cancellation options will be clear. In the event of unexpected corona restrictions, a generous cancellation policy from the organization applies anyway. Put the event in your agenda now and sign up for the special newsletter about this anniversary event!