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At the moment, also at our association, additional measures have been taken in connection with the corona COVID-19 virus. Make sure you have read our Plons corona protocol (under the heading trainings). In connection with these extra measures, try out swimmers and new members can only swim on Friday and Sunday training (not on Tuesday training)

We are delighted that you have taken an interest in our club! You are welcome to, literally, test the water by attending a free training session. After this you will be allowed to attend five further sessions against the payment €5,- per session before you decide to become a member or not. To sign up for membership, please fill in the registration form.

How does it work?

Feel free to try out of in one of our training sessions for free. If you are not very confident about your swimming skills we suggest you come on a Friday evening when the major part of the training session is focused on technique.

Please make sure you arrive 15 minutes before the session start time. When you get to the pool tell the acting host that you have come for a free trial. He or she will tell you more about further procedures and introduce you to the trainer who will give you further instructions and subsequently will direct you to the appropriate lane. It is possible that during the training session the trainer will redirect to another lane having established your swimming skills.

Everyone is welcome to join our club provided they have a positive attitude to LGBTI-people. Naturally, you must have a swimming certificate. We expect you to be able to move freely and safely in the water and keep yourself afloat. You don’t need to be a top sportsman or -woman to come and swim with us as long as you are aware that Plons does not provide swimming lessons.

Make sure to bring a towel, proper swim wear and a pair goggles on your first session. If you feel the need to take proper swimming lessons first we would like to refer you to Zwemschool De Tuimelaar. If you have any further questions get in touch with us through the contact form.


To become a member of Plons please fill in the registration form and transfer the registration fee into our account.

As a member of Plons you automatically attain membership of the KNZB thus enabling you to take part in (international) tournaments. Any swimming record attained by you will have official status. Furthemore, as a member you will receive our monthly digital club magazine. In addition you will have free access to all the club’s recreational events, have voting rights at the yearly general meeting and have access to the club's face library as well as have your personal data registered in that same library.

Plons members pay a quarterly fee of €71,-. For students and holders of a so-called ‘Ooievaarspas’ a 50% reduced fee applies. The fee allows swimmers to attend all weekly training sessions on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. On Friday evening there are two training sessions, one focused, technique and the other on competitive swimming. Members are only allowed to attend one or the other.

In case members want to cancel or alter their membership they can do so by sending an e-mail to the secretary at the latest one month prior to the end of the current quarter. Their membership will then end as from the following quarter.


Despite the fact that relations are excellent between donors and Plons, the majority of them rarely attend training sessions. All donors receive Explonsief, the Plons monthly magazine and are able to take part in all the club’s recreational activities and events. In addition they are allowed to take part in one training session each quarter in consultation with the board. Donors, however, cannot participate in tournaments and neither have they voting rights at general meetings.

In addition to a regular donorship, Plons also offers a donorship-plus applicable to those who live on a radius of 50 kilometres or more from The Hague. They too receive the monthly club magazine Explonsief, the Plons newsletter, they too are able to take part in all Plons events, and they are allowed to attend one training session at a quarterly basis. In contrast to regular donors, donors-plus are allowed to take part in tournaments and have access to the club’s face library. Like regular donors, donors-plus have no voting rights at the annual general meeting.

To become a donor of Plons, please fill in the registration form and pay your membership fee into our bank account. A membership fee of €.45,- a year is applicable for regular donors while donors-plus pay a fee of €59,75 a year. Membership cancellations and alterations must be made at least one month prior to the end of the current calendar year by sending an e-mail to the secretary. The cancellation will be effective from the start of the new calendar year.