At the moment it is busy at Plons, we receive many requests for new memberships and test swimmers. For that reason, the training sessions on Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday are NOT suitable for test swimmers, it is then too busy to give you personal attention. Trial swimmers are therefore only welcome at our training sessions on FRIDAYS!

Do you also want to come and swim at Plons? Come and taste the atmosphere by swimming 1 time for free at our training on FRIDAY. After that you can come and swim 5 times on Friday against payment of € 5 before you have to decide whether you want to become a member of our association. Once you are a member, you can come to all training evenings!

Due to the termination of (almost) all corona measures as of February 25, these will of course also be implemented at PLONS. No more QR check at the door, mouth caps and the 1,5 m distance rule will be cancelled. Furthermore, we will increase all training sessions to a maximum of 36 swimmers (6 per lane) and Sunday 27 February will be the last XL training session in the Hofbad, we will go back to the standard 4 lanes over 50m. Registering in SPOND will remain mandatory for the time being since we want to keep an eye on the numbers, who are coming to swim and the virus has not left the country yet....

The swimming pools in The Hague will be open again from January 15, so the PLONS swimming training has started again. However, with a number of measures: QR check at the door (with proof of identity), mouth cap in the pool and keep 1,5 meters away (except in the water). We have set the training sessions in the Overbosch and the Blinkerd swimming pools at a maximum of 30 swimmers per training due to the 1,5 m distance rule. You still need to sign up for a training via SPOND, if there is a waiting list it will automatically move as soon as swimmers unsubscribe from the training. Test swimmers are welcome on all evenings!

PLONS has an extra training evening, on Wednesday evenings from 20:00-21:00 in the swimming pool de Blinkerd. From now on 4 swimming evenings a week! That is why the 'old' split of Tuesday evening has been cancelled, on Tuesday we will swim again in 1 group from 20:00-21:00 with an extra half hour for who wants to swim more.

However, a different focus is placed on the Tuesday/Wednesday training sessions!

  • Tuesday will be a technique training
  • Wednesday will be a condition training (so keep swimming)
  • Friday and Sunday remain the same in terms of setup

SPOND will replace the attendance list of our hostesses/gentlemen. In any case, we will keep this up until the end of the year. At the end of December we will evaluate whether we will really make this the standard as of 1 January 2022. This gives our hostesses / gentlemen a little more space to receive new swimmers. It is important that everyone registers neatly for a training via SPOND and also remove yourself if you decide not to go swimming at the last minute. We've checked this over the past few weeks and it appears to be largely correct, chapeau!