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Due to the current crowds in the pools, the board has decided to introduce a temporary membership stop as of April 21, 2023. The crowds affect the training sessions that can be given and thus put pressure on the training structure for the existing members. It is temporarily no longer possible to come and test swim. You can still register via the contact form, then you will be placed on a waiting list. Trial swimmers who have been a few times just before the membership stop and had registered via email will still have the chance to become a member. Due to the start of the outdoor season in a few weeks, swimming opportunities will be added temporarily, so it is expected that the crowds will decrease slightly. In the summer, however, swimming pool De Blinkerd and Het Hofbad are closed for regular training sessions. After the summer, everyone will also use the indoor pools again. When it is possible to register as a member again, the board will announce this, the people on the waiting list will be approached first.